Four Quickies

  1. A bombshell memo documenting unverified allegations against Pres.-elect Donald Fucking Trump suggests that foreign intelligence agents uncovered damning evidence that Trump might secretly be a sleazebag.
  2. The state of South Carolina will kill dipshit Confederate hero Dylann Roof for the never-acceptable act of killing.
  3. Pres.-elect Fucking Trump balanced his administration’s right-wing anti-science conspiratorial paranoia yesterday by injecting it with a healthy dose of unhealthy leftie anti-science conspiratorial paranoia,¬†asking vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to apply his amateur science sleuthing to the mystery of why vaccines are killing us with longer lifespans.
  4. Two Republican senators who strongly backed Trump say they accept U.S. intelligence findings that Russia attempted to sway the presidential campaign and would love to look into it but Benghazi.