Four Quickies

  1. Verizon’s deal to buy Yahoo means that while Yahoo continues its strategy of aggressive irrelevance, it will also spin off a new company called Altaba that owns a massive investment portfolio and, like most successful companies of the coming corporatocracy, produces nothing and has no employees.
  2. The leader of the House Freedom Caucus says his group is reluctant to get rid of ObamaCare without having a replacement ready, because otherwise, simply killing ObamaCare would raise the fucking deficit. What was the name of that black dude who said that?
  3. The FDIC says Bank of America underpaid its insurance premiums due to understating how risky its bullshit is; Bank of America responds that anything that means it has to pay $1 billion must be false.
  4. Another powerful storm is set to batter Nevada and northern California, after fucked-up levels of rain toppled the famed sequoia that had a tunnel through it large enough to fit one tenth of all the evidence that climate change contributes to severe weather.