Former Bush Terrorism Adviser Praises Trump for Making Us Safer One Month Ago Than We Were Today

The former top counter-terrorism adviser to Pres. George W. Bush says that in only one month, Pres. Fucking Trump has made the U.S. safer one month ago than it is today.

Richard Clarke, who repeatedly warned the Bush Administration about the possibility of a major al Qaeda attack before 9/11–and then definitely brought it up a few times after 9/11–praised the new administration’s efforts to prepare for possible attack, saying, “I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

Clarke cited multiple factors, including the level of experience top officials have; the already high turnover rate;¬†and the Trump Adminisylum’s strong commitment to diversity on the National Security Council, embracing both people who belong there and people who do not.

“I think our readiness is extremely low and dangerously low. Certainly agencies at a professional level will respond, but having a coordinated interagency response is unlikely given the current cast of characters,” he said, explaining how Trump has already made us safer today than we will be next month.

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