Five Quickies

  1. Remember when Republicans claimed they didn’t work with Pres. Obama because he didn’t come over to play often enough? Turns out he coulda just Tweeted from New York.
  2. Senate Republicans plan to answer Democratic delays on Trump’s nominees with all-night sessions, a threat that might be scarier if it didn’t come from the wheezing, sclerotic hearts of Senate Republicans as fat and old as fat, old, Senate Republicans.
  3. A hedge fund is loaning Sears just enough money to stay afloat long enough for its eventual mass layoffs to be part of Trump’s record.
  4. TV-station groups are expected to lobby Trump to relax ownership rules so more cities can aspire to be like Greenville, MS, where every TV station is already owned by one company.
  5. Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) push Obama to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem or else they’ll cut spending on embassy security by half. Because Benghazi. Never forget.