Five Quickies

  1. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s science division achieved a scientific breakthrough last month by reducing its staff down to absolute zero.
  2. Last month’s record-breaking heat in the southwest led to record-breaking power usage, which will lead to more record-breaking heat, which will lead to more record-breaking power usage.
  3. Federal budget talks have a hit a snag as Republicans battle internally over the exact degree to which poor children should experience hunger: Some or all.
  4. President Fucking Trump’s top adviser, Steve Bannon, reportedly wants to raise taxes on the rich because he’s not the caricature we think he is, he’s a different caricature.
  5. Some Republicans in Congress are pushing back against Pres. Fucking Trump’s plan to cut assistance for poor people to pay their heating bills, out of fear of waking the lumpen and/or frozen proletariat.