Five Quickies

  1. General Motors and Honda are investing $85 million to produce hydrogen fuel cell stacks at a factory in Michigan; the massive investment will create 100 jobs. Starting in 2020.
  2. A Wall Street ratings agency says that Pres. Fucking Trump’s threat to defund sanctuary cities is full of shit because he didn’t run it by the kinds of people who work at Wall Street ratings agencies and actually research shit.
  3. Pres. Fucking Trump returned the director of the CIA to the National Security Council two days after removing him, after studying a detailed NSC report on the CIA’s background and a detailed CIA report on Trump’s background.
  4. Dozens of U.S. diplomats have signed a thoughtful, diplomatically phrased diplomatic communique dissenting from the executive order banning Muslims, prompting the White House to respond, “Either get with the program or they can go,” like a grownup
  5. Scientists have identified the earliest human ancestor, a floating blob with an enormous mouth that also served as its anus and a ring of cilia that served to sign executive orders.