Five Quickies

  1. Some North Carolina lawmakers are asking the Trump Badministration to shut down a wind farm they say could foul nearby naval radar and pose a threat to national security much greater than relying on fucking oil which worked out great.
  2. Amazon will hire 100,000 new workers over the next year and a half the company announced yesterday to make sure everyone knows which president gets the credit.
  3. A majority of police officers say that high-profile incidents of police killing black people makeĀ it more difficult to do their jobs, providing the right with one, irrefutable reason that black lives matter.
  4. The Justice Department yesterday said its inspector general will investigate whether FBI Director James Comey was acting within guidelines when he helped fulfill Biblical prophecy that America’s greatest threat would rise from within.
  5. The EPA yesterday accused Fiat Chrysler of using software to let 104,000 diesel vehicles secretly violate pollution laws and wished the company smooth sailing ahead with it for the next four years.