EXCLUSIVE: McConnell Battling Amnesia; Can’t Remember Where He Left Keys, Truth About Coal Jobs

In a heartbreaking scene on Tuesday, Sen. Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) inadvertently revealed that he is struggling with intermittent bouts of amnesia, causing him to forget once-familiar things he knew as recently as last November, such as the truth about how the Republican Party will create new jobs in the coal industry now that they control both Congress and the Really White House.

The incident drew widespread attention on Wednesday after video surfaced of the exchange. A Kentucky woman who asked McConnell about coal jobs at a town hall Tuesday did so in an emotionally heightened state, drawing the media’s focus away from the substantive issues it normally would have ignored altogether. In addition, some observers pointed out that McConnell failed to answer the question, implying either that McConnell didn’t want to explain the issue at the time or that, possibly, he didn’t have an answer.

In fact, however, as The Fucking News reported back in November, McConnell addressed exactly this question barely one week after Election Day. Referring to the GOP’s coal-deregulation plans, McConnell said, “Whether that immediately brings business back, that’s hard to tell because this is a private sector activity.”

McConnell’s forgetfulness about his agenda’s inability to create coal jobs has manifested itself before. Earlier this month, he oversaw passage of a new law to let coal mines pollute nearby streams based solely on the claim that it would save money so the mines can hire more miners.

Nor is this the first time McConnell has shown memory gaps on serious, even life-or-death issues. Just last year he left a Supreme Court nomination unattended in a hot car for several months until it died.

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