Eleven Quickies

  1. Sens. Sanders (I-VT) and Franken (D-MN) asked Democratic senators to plan ACA rallies for Feb. 25, but what the hell, maybe people other than Democratic senators might be interested in reading theĀ letter, too.
  2. After Pres. Fucking Trump backed down on his anti-One China-policy bullshit, China has decided that he is a bullshitter.
  3. Pres. Fucking Trump also appears to have decided to help Iran get a nuclear bomb.
  4. The Wall Street Journal talked to economists who said that Fucking Trump’s going to be a shitty job creator even by the metrics he used to undercut Pres. Obama’s job growth.
  5. Trump’s speech announcing his Mexican wall reportedly was constructed with help from imported Mexican labor, the Mexican official who helped write it.
  6. Needed repairs and maintenance have grounded most U.S. Air Force jets, reducing by half America’s capacity for creating new terrorists.
  7. A new GOP bill would block states from providing residents with low-cost retirement accounts, because big government, states rights, free market, blah blah blah just die already olds.
  8. Kellogg’s will lay off 1100 people, and has decided to extend its cost-cutting plan even further into the Trump economy.
  9. A new study finds invasive bugs can live in dead trees for years, suggesting the need for federal regulations against long-distance firewood sales, which will not happen because Trump and rules, so goodbye forests.
  10. Russian agent Donald Fucking Trump held a strategy with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss North Korea over dinner within earshot of fellow diners at Mar-a-Lago because Republicans used to be the “serious” party on foreign policy.
  11. Republicans have introduced more than 70 bills in states around the country to roll back legal protections for LGBTQ people because they are Republicans and they can.