Eleven Quickies

  1. Congressional Democrats are starting to suggest investigating the fatal–not just in the good way–Yemen raid, as more official sources crap on the claims it produced vital intelligence.
  2. The House probe of possible Russian activities in the campaign will encompass whether there was anyone in the Trump camp who didn’t have ties to Russia.
  3. The Dept. of Homeland Security has only about $20 million to build its $21 billion wall; about enough for three miles of sheet-rock and four million tubs of spackle.
  4. A congressional hearing on Wednesday spotlighted the impact on veterans of the absence of 12,000 federal VA workers due to Fucking Trump’s hiring freeze.
  5. The Really White House says Kellyanne Conway will not be punished for endorsing Ivanka’s shit, because all Conway did was inadvertently commit a one-time violation of federal ethics rules at the highest levels of government and used her public office for the enrichment of her boss’s family, so it’s not as if she smoked marijuana and should go to prison.
  6. A draft menu of White House options on North Korea includes the option of going to North Korea for takeout, specifically, to take out the government of Kim Jong un.
  7. One of those violent threats that have nothing to do with Pres. Fucking Trump specifically cites Pres. Fucking Trump.
  8. Some Republican members of Congress are making news with their opposition to proposed Trump cuts to the State Dept., while Democrats are not.
  9. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is considering introducing a bill that would require all presidential candidates to release their tax returns, starting with form 2020.
  10. Pres. Fucking Trump is delaying his vital, urgently needed, life-saving new travel ban so that he can release it during a better marketing period.
  11. Media pundits on Wednesday roundly praised Fucking Trump for sounding normal in his speech to Congress, even though creating an agency that won’t help victims whose assailants have proper ID is not normal; portraying a nation enjoying some of the lowest crime rates in decades as a nation of violent chaos is not normal; suggesting that a health-care plan popular with the American people and Republican governors is a flaming failure is not normal; telling a widow that her dead husband is happy because the guy who ordered the mission that killed him got a lot of applause is not normal; and SAYING that saying these things is normal because it’s said in a way that is normal IS NOT NORMAL.