Eight Quickies

  1. Pres.-elect Fucking Trump was caught on tape in December discussing how to apply food-safety regulations to imported food as a way of helping American food companies compete rather than as a way of helping American food eaters not die.
  2. Prior to Pres. Fucking Trump’s speech Tuesday night (see Today’s BFD), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on Tuesday that the president’s budget is “dead on arrival” because budget cuts would hamper diplomatic efforts to undo the effects of the president’s speech.
  3. Pres. Fucking Trump on Tuesday revealed that he wants to let law-abiding undocumented immigrants stay here forever, legally taking our jobs, the way his voters voted for him not to do.
  4. Hundreds of companies–including some Hispanic-owned companies–have asked to be considered to build the wall that will keep out the people these companies need to build the wall.
  5. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s attempt to get Pres. Fucking Trump to stop using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” led Fucking Trump in his speech Tuesday night to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” with dramatic pauses and punchy, suck-it-McMaster delivery.
  6. Comic-book creators are canceling their appearances at U.S. comic conventions because they feel as unsafe in the U.S. as female cosplayers feel at U.S. comic conventions.
  7. Educraycraytion Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday praised historically black colleges and universities as a product of the free-market school-choice movement, rather than a product of the Underground Railroad movement to get free of the slave market.
  8. Tibetan women’s soccer players have been denied visas to enter the U.S. for a tournament due to the risk they might kick stupid-ass Americans in the balls.