Eight Quickies

  1. Pres. Fucking Trump this weekend took credit for a recent drop in the national debt that was (a) statistically meaningless and (b) had nothing to do with Trump and (c) will come back to bite him in the ass as his military spending and economic devastation send the debt soaring.
  2. A new study has concluded that when you take away health insurance from millions of people, millions of people will lose their health insurance.
  3. Signing a new executive order to eliminate more rules that protect people from corporations, Pres. Fucking Trump decided to cut out the underpaid middle man and just let CEOs decide which rules to cut.
  4. Some military families are starting to worry about the impact of Fucking Trump’s new order letting schools decide which bathrooms their transgender kids should use, just like non-military families with transgender kids, whose families matter just as fucking much.
  5. Executives at some of America’s top fake news companies say they¬†anticipate Pres. Fucking Trump relaxing ownership rules so that they can consolidate real control of more fake news.
  6. J.C. Penney will close at least 130 stores, fueling a trend of retail woes that could make it difficult for other mall-based stores to survive and for Pres. Fucking Trump to create 25 million new McJobs.
  7. A top defense contractor says Pres. Fucking Trump had nothing to do with reducing the cost of a military jet because (a) he’s Donald Fucking Trump.
  8. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt polluted his confirmation testimony with toxic, carcinogenic perjury.