Eight Quickies

  1. Pres. Fucking Trump on Tuesday continued to let Syria get away with using chemical weapons, as was first reported Monday.
  2. A new report finds that the states are already surging ahead of the Obama EPA’s impossible, burdensome emissions goals, which will have to be rolled back to ease the requirements that states are already voluntarily exceeding.
  3. Jerry Sandusky’s son was arrested on charges of child abuse, which is just fucking depressing.
  4. Sinclair TV has warned its news stations to stop getting complaints that they’re too liberal, despite their deal to go easy on Fucking Trump.
  5. California joins Georgia and Mississippi on the list of states that have had to wait for days to hear from Trump’s FEMA about requests for disaster aid.
  6. Spooked by Fucking Trump’s behavior, professional spooks working for unnamed American allies are declining to share intelligence with the U.S., saying, “Are you fucking kidding moi?”
  7. Elon Musk is calling for the establishment of a universal basic income, just not his.
  8. Canada is struggling to cope with the humanitarian crisis caused by the flood of refugees from America.