Eight Quickies

  1. At least 76 protesters were arrested in clashes at the Dakota Access Pipeline, which Pres. Fucking Trump has approved to continue its review process and to get almost totally eclipsed on the list of shit we have to worry about.
  2. Republican Party foreign-policy graybeards say that Fucking Trump is worse than Obama, adding, doy.
  3. A Republican member of Congress says he will not privatize more than 3 million acres of land and put the best spin he could on the fact that PEOPLE ROSE UP and MADE HIM reverse course.
  4. The Democratic Party is hiring campaign operatives early in 20 congressional districts to get a jump on losing what should be the easiest midterm elections in history.
  5. Parts of Fucking Trump’s border wall will be “see through,” according to the administration, which says those sections will replace the invisible sections Obama built.
  6. New York’s attorney general is suing an internet provider for bullshitting its customers, before Fucking Trump’s FCC deregulates bullshitting.
  7. The FAA is giving the American people what they demanded–allowing drones to fly where everyone wants them to: Airports.
  8. Congressional Democrats will shame Fucking Trump at his speech to Congress by planting audience members who will be affected by his policies, echoing the successful debate strategy Hillary Clinton used to lose.