DeVos Joins Cabinet of Private-Sector Waste, Inefficiency

Noted education hobbyist Betsy DeVos on Tuesday became the seventh Trump nominee to be confirmed. For graduates of the Betsy DeVos Institute of Hire Learning, that means six others got confirmed first. By Jesus.

At this point in 2009, Pres. Obama had 23 nominees confirmed. The disparity is due not just to Democratic opposition to Trump’s astonishing carnival of incompetence. Two fucking months after his electoral-college victory, Trump has only nominated 35 people–out of the 693 requiring Senate confirmation. That’s barely better than ONE every TWO days.

On top of Trump’s private-sector managerial slowness and incompetence, there is the delay by his private-sector nominees in submitting their ethics forms. The process has been slowed by the private sector’s well-known penchant for fraud and other crimes–nominees have had tax irregularities, been accused of domestic violence, insider trading, and more. In addition, the private sector’s well-known inefficiency and waste have dragged the nomination process out longer than any president in history’s. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

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