A Day in the Life of Muslim-Ban Pushback

  • The Internet Engineering Task Force is rethinking in which nations to hold future meetings, because WTF SMDH.
  • Letters condemning the Muslim Ban have been signed by more than 150 former federal so-called prosecutors.
  • Trump’s biased rhetoric about Muslims is being used to bias judges against his Muslim Ban in court.
  • And the fact that his list of terrorist incidents didn’t include Muslim victims–or non-Muslim terrorists–probably won’t help any.
  • Civil rights organizations are asking the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to look at this fucking Intra-un-American shit.
  • A new poll finds that 51% of Americans oppose the Muslim Ban, while 100% of un-Americans support it.
  • Trump’s legal arguments will get a fair and impartial hearing this week from the 9th circuit court of appeals judges, including the one who’s a former refugee.