Crack Trump Vetting Team Turns Up Actual Nazi Youth for Supreme Court

Newly unearthed documents on Judge Neil Gorsuch confirms that Pres. Donald Fucking Trump’s choice Tuesday night of a judge of German background to replace the Supreme Court’s late judge of Italian heritage will fulfill Trump’s campaign pledge to fill the court with members of the Axis powers.

The Daily Mail (of course) turned up the proof in Gorsuch’s yearbook from prep school (of course), which shows that Gorsuch was the founder and president (of course) of a group called Fascism Forever (of course).

The “left-wing” radical faculty against which Gorsuch rebelled so fascistly were the well-known hippie anarchists, the Jesuits.

Gorsuch presumably has since renounced his youthful embrace of fascist, corporatist nationalism and become a respected jurist who instead embraces American corporatist nationalism. Students of American history may remember a time when members of Congress honored the U.S. military members who fought and died to defeat fascism by rejecting the nominations of people who celebrated fascism. Good times.

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