Chelsea Manning Said to be on Short List as Obama Now Resorting to Saving Americans One at a Time

Chelsea Manning is reportedly on Pres.-still Obama’s short list for commutation, which better be a fucking long short list considering eight days from now Zing the Merciless takes charge.

Manning has been in prison for six years for leaking 700,000 documents that hurt the U.S. by revealing what the U.S. does. Manning apologized in court, but received a 35-year sentence due to exacerbating circumstances such as not being David Petraeus.

If Obama does commute Manning’s sentence for telling the truth about America, it would be the most high-profile commutation since Pres. George W. Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence for telling lies to America about his boss, Dick Cheney, whose sentence keeps getting commuted by viable heart donors..

more: NBC, Guardian