Bordering on Sanity: GOP Questions Trump’s Sanity After Outrageous Remarks Questioning Corporatist Tax Policy

Republicans are outraged and rattled by the latest insanity from Pres.-elect Donald Fucking Trump. The scandal erupted after Trump told The Wall Street Journal he did not like a specific element of the tax-reform plan pushed by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Trump’s controversial remarks came in response to a question about Ryan’s proposal to put a 20% tax on everything imported into the U.S., and to let U.S. companies export their products overseas with no tax. Known as “border adjustments,” the scheme is popular among CEOs who know that anything made in the U.S. will be made by robots soon enough, meaning some big exporters will pay zero taxes on all their robot-assembled exports, while working Americans shell out $1 trillion in new taxes–an extra 20% for every fucking thing they buy from iPhones to Make America Great Again hats.

“Anytime I heard border adjust, I don’t love it,” Trump said. “It’s too complicated. I just want it nice and simple.”

“This maniac is not my president,” said one source at the conservative Tax Foundation who requested anonymity to avoid disclosing that they work for the conservative Tax Foundation. “What kind of monster violates every single norm of corporate tax policy that has made this country great for 35 years?”