Betsy DeVos Was Warned. She Was Given Explanations. Nevertheless, She Persisted. Then She Stopped

The Trump Adminisylum on Wednesday night issued a new order letting states deny transgender students use of school bathrooms and lockerrooms that align with their gender identity, just hours after it was reported that Educraycraytion Secretary Betsy DeVos reportedly objected to the order and took a stand on it against Pres. Fucking Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions right up until she took a seat.

The New York Times reported earlier Wednesday that DeVos, whose job ostensibly deals with schools, disagreed with Fucking Trump and A.G. Sessions about the new order. Later on Wednesday, Really White House Press Secremaybe Sean Spicer denied that DeVos had any objection whatsoever to releasing the new order now, except regarding when to release it and what it said. “I think there’s been some discussion between the timing of the issuance and recommendations — or between the exact wording,” Spicer actually fucking said, as if “exact wording” isn’t the only fucking thing you can disagree on when you’re talking about a government directive.

Spicer also said, “There’s no daylight between anybody — between the president, between any of the secretaries,” assuring America that the hive mind is functioning smoothly and in utter darkness.

Late Wednesday, transgender students around the nation held a strobe-light vigil for DeVos, saying in a statement, “We will never forget that when history called on her to take a stand for us, she rose to the occasion and then didn’t.”