Auto Exec Assures Concerned Americans That Laid-Off Mexican Auto Workers Will Be Just Fine

The head of Fiat Chrysler said yesterday that if Pres.-elect Fucking Trump imposes massive tariffs on cars imported into the U.S. from Mexico, the company may have to close some of its Mexican auto plants. The news sent waves of anguish and empathy through an America that does not exist.

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said Trump’s threats have created uncertainty in the auto industry, which, like most industries, thrives on uncertainty and White House surprises. In a follow-up interview in the back seat of the TFN Doppler Eyewitness Action Van, Marchionne assured Americans that even in the event of auto-factory shutdowns, laid-off Mexican workers would bounce right back…across the border.

Immigration from Mexico slowed after the U.S. economy crashed in 2008, and Mexico’s improving economic conditions have kept it in check since. Trump’s promise to protect American jobs by keeping out Mexican immigrants and keeping American jobs in America, however, is likely to draw newly unemployed Mexican immigrants to America in search of American jobs. Newton’s Law, people, don’t blame us.

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