Assessing Who Botched Yemen Raid, Trump Vows, “Not It!”

Pres. Fucking Trump on Tuesday vowed to identify the violent extremists responsible for the death of a Navy SEAL in a Yemen raid last month. In an interview on Tuesday he said he does know generally who was responsible: Actual generals.

Discussing the death of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens in the raid, Trump told Fox and Friends, “They came to see me and they explained what they wanted to do–the generals–who are very respected. My generals are the most respected that we’ve had in many decades, I would — I believe. And they lost Ryan.”

In blaming the still-unidentified generals who answer to him for his decision over dinner to go ahead with the raid, the new commander-in-chef abdicated the traditional presidential role as someone who takes responsibility for things. Pres. Bush, for instance, went several years in office before blaming bad intelligence for his lack of good intelligence.

After Tuesday’s interview, Fucking Trump unveiled a new poster for the Oval Office that reads, “The Buck Stops There,” with arrows pointing everywhere but his own big, fat head.

Trump prefaced his remarks with the sensitive observation that, “I felt badly when a young man dies” and then immediately fucked up an apparent show of humanity by continuing the sentence with, “and John McCain said that was a failed mission.” He clarified that when a young man dies, that’s a successful mission, and that, conversely, when a young man lives, that’s a failed mission.

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