Animal-Testing Regulator Rescues Animal Testers from Exposure to Sunlight

The U.S. Dept. of Arghiculture has scrubbed its website of reports and documents about which companies and individuals torture animals, in order to protect their privacy. The individuals’ privacy, that is. The animals continue to have no privacy as their every activity is monitored, from how much hair dye they use in their eyes to how many cigarettes they smoke in a minute.

A U.S.D.A. spokescritter said the information was removed after seven dog years of “comprehensive review” and two Trump weeks of “chaotic flailing.” The agency said the change was due to its “commitment to being transparent,” adding to TFN that, “It used to be that our opacity was hard to see. Now it’s right out in the open, transparently available for all to see how opaque we are.”

The information will still be made public upon request under the Freedom of Information Act, which empowers individuals to access government documents until the act is repealed in April.

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